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Self-literacy is the ability to understand and express yourself in a clear and effective way. It is the process of becoming aware of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours and how they impact your life. It's also about being able to set goals, communicate effectively with others, and take care of yourself. Self-literacy is important because it helps you make better decisions, improves your relationships, and helps you achieve your goals. It also helps you understand and manage your emotions, leading to a more positive and fulfilling life. Self-awareness is essential to building healthy relationships and setting yourself up for success in your future career and personal life.

By understanding and mastering self-literacy, you'll have the tools to navigate the challenges that come with growing up, such as managing stress, setting and achieving goals, and making good decisions. It will also help you become a more confident, resilient, and well-rounded person. It’s a vital skill that helps you understand and express yourself, set and achieve goals, communicate effectively, and take care of yourself.

Financial literacy is important because it can help you make the most of your financial resources, achieve your goals, and prepare for the future. Understanding personal finance helps you make informed financial decisions, such as saving, spending, managing debt, investing, and protecting your money through risk management. Achieving your goals, regardless of what they are, needs financial consideration!

In addition to the basics, there are some wider ideas that are covered, including an overview of the current banking and financial systems, such as what different types of bank accounts do, income taxes in Canada, and credit cards. Blockchain is also explained (don’t worry, we make it really easy to understand!) as there is a chance that it is adopted by larger systems to become the next generation of financial tools you use. Our mission is to help you change faster than the world is, we can’t ignore this - even if it makes us uncomfortable!

Practical literacy is the center of living a good life. This aspect of life includes learning about mental health, and physical health, as well as managing your friends, families, and careers in order to be comfortable, confident, and aware of the many moving parts of life. Your personality and preferences are yours, they’ll change with time and as you grow. We’ll help you navigate all this with new ways of talking about things to experiment, learn, and really understand what living a good life means to you.


Self-literacy is the first step. A good way to learn more about yourself and your preferences is to learn more about the two aspects of life everyone has to navigate: personal finance, and your practical day-to-day life. The “do” here, is to begin reading, learning, and using the resources, templates, books, and courses we’ve created for you to master your goals and actually live the life you want.

Looking forward to watching you learn and grow.


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