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About Self Literate. About Me.


I believe everyone has the ability to make positive changes in their lives. The mission is to share the knowledge and resources needed for everyone to take control of their life and achieve self-literacy.

The world is changing


change faster


Graduating from public schools in Canada in the 2010s was likely no different than any other when it comes to the degree of practical life stuff we were taught. This meant that most of what we learned was directly impacted by a few things:

  1. the provincial curriculum at the time (usually designed for university entrance),

  2. the resources available in our local school districts to fund and offer non-core classes were limited, and

  3. the skillsets, experiences, and capacities of the teachers were totally hit or miss.


The problem with this is twofold.


First: the world is changing faster than it ever has, making it increasingly difficult for teachers, schools, districts, and the curriculum to keep up with the demands of the working society; and, Second: that the experience gap between generations of people is increasing faster than ever before - making it completely irrational to expect the older teaching generations to be able to adapt or relate to the reality that young adults are now facing. 

We understand this because our story is likely the same as yours is going to be. What I hope to do is give you more tools, resources, and support to help teach you knowledge and skills that are actually useful in real life. Life skills, for some reason, are almost always on the back-burner for schools that have to focus on providing a university-based education. While these classes are fantastic - trust us, they are great - they don't prepare you for the realities of pursuing your goals and dreams (even if the dream is to become a chemist). They don't give you language or perspective about yourself, they don't ask hard questions that require a demanding amount of thought to figure out.

The world is changing fast and it doesn't matter who you are or what you do, we all have to deal with self, financial, and practical problems. Spending time learning the basics to become conversational in these aspects will help you flex your self-literacy to figure out what matters to you, and then enable you to set goals that you take ownership of. Money, mental health, physical health, and managing friends, families, and careers are all things we get to do. Mastering these early will make them easier to navigate later in life - allowing you to live the life you want. 

Self Literate is a place where you can learn about yourself, learn about money, and learn about mental and physical health as well as managing relationships. I'm here to have conversations that will fundamentally change the way you set yourself up for success, and have you become a decision-making master who takes full control of your life.

Background - About the Author

The Self Stuff: Philosophy and Ethics

Perspective can come from two places: real-life experiences and real-life thought experiments. Studying philosophy with a focus on applied ethics provided a solid foundation to ask tough questions about what living a good life means, and provided the tools to practice living that good life.

The Financial Stuff: Accounting, Human Resources, and Blockchain 

People and Money - understanding the relationship between them to master financial management and career progression. I've developed a broad network, a deep understanding, and a wide skillset that's needed for building the careers we choose. Future-proofing those skills by multiskilling and early-adopting both technologies and tools allows us to stay on top of the ever-changing financial systems. 

The Practicle Stuff: Varisty Sport, Crises Lines, Coaching, Mentoring. Relationships, and Conciously Living Life. 

Mental and physical health are both integral to your well-being. Everyone has to deal with these, and I've been through a lot. I can help you figure out what works and what doesn't for a lot of life-related things! For all the things I don't know - let's learn them together and find others to help get us there.

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