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Self Reliance

"Self-Reliance" is more of an essay and less of a book - written by Ralph Waldo Emerson and first published in 1841. The essay argues that individuals should trust their own instincts and beliefs, rather than conforming to societal expectations and values. Emerson encourages you to embrace your individuality, take risks, and pursue your passions, even if it means going against the norm. The book is a call to self-reliance and a celebration of individualism, inspiring readers to think for themselves and forge their own paths in life.

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Man's Search for Meaning

This classic is a memoir and self-help book written by Viktor Frankl, first published in 1946. The book chronicles Frankl's experiences as a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps during World War II and how those experiences led him to develop his theory of logotherapy (therapy that looks at finding meaning, created by Viktor Frankl). Frankl argues that finding meaning and purpose in life is the key to mental and emotional well-being, even in the most challenging of circumstances. The book has become a classic in the fields of psychology and self-help and has inspired many readers to find meaning in their own lives.

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The Alchemist

This novel was written by Paulo Coelho, and first published in 1988. The book tells the story of a shepherd boy named Santiago who embarks on a journey to fulfill his dreams of finding a treasure hidden in the Egyptian pyramids. Along the way, Santiago learns valuable lessons about following one's heart, pursuing one's passions, and embracing the journey of life. The book has become a modern classic and has inspired many to pursue their own dreams and find meaning and purpose in their lives.

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